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Mr. Tax Wiz offers fast and reliable computerized payroll systems with our "20 years of experience" and competitive rates.

Creating payrolls for your company may appear to be a simple task, until something goes wrong, such as forms not being filed correctly. Mr Tax Wiz takes the worry out of this arduous and undertaking task. We know how time-consuming it is for your company to spend many hours on laboring over payroll, when you could be doing something more productive with your time that will increase the prosperity of your business.

Don't be mislead! Payroll is not a simple process of making out payroll checks for each paying period. Federal and State agencies require that all employers report certain information on each newly-hired or re-hired employee, a process that must adhere to strict guidelines and laws. Also, remember that federal and state agencies expect you to know how much is due each paying period. Why misuse your time studying new and old tax laws and reporting requirements? Let us do the difficult work for you!

r. Tax Wiz helps your company comply with this mandatory requirement by sending information regarding your business's new employees on your behalf to the appropriate Federal and State agencies.

There’s are many way for payroll service phone and fax options to the latest in the internet. We do the simplest payroll for your company. Calculate and process the payroll, print out the checks for employees, federal and states agenices and the payroll is ready for your signature. Our firm wants you to still have controll over your payroll systems, if you sign the checks you know where your money is going

Remenber you the employer is responsible for deposits and federal and state tax payments, also may be held personally liable for any unpaid taxes. " Your company are ultimately responsible for the payment of income tax withheld and both the employee and employer portions of social security and medicare taxes and state taxes."

...Computerized Payroll Systems with 20 years of experience...

"Federal Quarterlies, State Quarterlies, W-2's,1099's"

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